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Privacy Policy & Cookies

Keeping your information private is something that Design Inn is absolutely committed to. We want you to visit our site regularly, with complete confidence and without any unanswered questions. We want to share our privacy policy with you so that you know exactly how we gather information and what we do (and don't do) with that information. This just seems like common courtesy to us.

Design Inn is committed to complying with all applicable Australian Privacy Laws and ensures that our staff are aware of their obligations. The following should give you a greater understanding of how we collect and use customer information.

Why we collect information
We collect information for a number of reasons including:

To deliver products or services to you
To complete other transactions with you or on your behalf
To better understand your requirements and preferences
Improve our service
Provide offers that maybe of interest or benefit to you
How we collect this information
We collect information in a number of ways:

When you order goods or services, particularly when those products are delivered
If you use our in-store Lay-By service
If you pre-order products or services
If you nominate to receive customer information or marketing materials
What we collect
The personal information we collect is in most cases supplied by you when you place an order, sign up to our Newsletter or provide feedback to us and could include

Delivery address
Phone number
E-mail address
Age details
Transaction information.
Your payment card details
When you place an order over our website and proceed to make a payment using your credit or debit card details you will be proceeding through a secure encrypted payment gateway operated by an authorised 3rd part service provider which is not controlled by Design Inn. Your card details are not able to be accessed by Design Inn and we therefore do not hold such information. Our record of your payment is simply an advice to us as well as a receipt issued by the payment gateway confirming your payment.

Who we may share your information with
We will often need to pass your personal details such as your name and address to companies who perform part of our service delivery, such as Australia Post or major delivery companies. We may also disclose personal information to government authorities as required by law. Other than as stated we do not share your personal information with anyone else.

If you would like to access or update your personal information, email Design Inn at or contact us on (03) 6331 7722. We prefer to receive written requests as in many cases this assists us to verify your identity.

Direct marketing
If you receive marketing offers or Newsletters from Design Inn and do not wish to receive them in the future, please email Design Inn at asking to Unsubscribe to our Newsletters or you can use the Unsubscribe feature available when you receive electronic communications from us.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
From time to time and in line with customer expectations and legislative changes, our privacy policies and procedures will be reviewed and, if appropriate, updated. They will always be current on our website.