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M Roberts Festivities Elf 41cm

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 This collectable Mark Roberts elf is fully posable and may be used sitting on a shelf much like 'elf on a shelf' or hung from a Christmas tree or special Mark Roberts stand. He may be stored in his own gift box if you can bear to put him away after Christmas. All Mark Roberts elves are limited edition and come with a certificate of authenticity. This cheeky royal stands24cm high. Established in 1984, Mark Roberts was founded to bring to life all the characters that, as a little boy, Marks mother used to tell him about but he was unable to physically see. For over 25 years his business has grown into one of the largest and most renowned collectables company in the nation and the world, with collectors in over 20 countries. Mark Roberts creations are sold at retailers ranging from local high-end boutiques to more prestigious iconic stores such as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Macys.