Bristlecone Fir Ice Deluxe 213 cm (7 ft)

Bristlecone Fir Ice Deluxe 213 cm (7 ft)

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The beautiful Bristlecone Fir is an Australian designed artificial Christmas tree, which took its inspiration from one of the oldest trees in the pine family. With 1086 individual cone shaped tips which are a combination of hard needle tips on the outside and soft needle tips on the inside, the Bristlecone Fir is the perfect decorating tree. The ends of the hard needles are dotted with a white frosting giving the tree a slightly "winter" look. While this Xmas tree is a generous height at 213cm, its A-line shape is a space saver with a base width of only 127cm.

Design Inn premium artificial Christmas trees feature - 

  • A 10 year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Made from the highest quality flame Retardant materials
  • 1.1mm thick wire tips, which mean that your decorations will stay where you place them.
  • Double thick wire in the top of the tree to hold your tree topper in position properly
  • Foliage which goes down to the ground so that you don’t see your stand
  • The option to extend your tree with an extension (if you want to place your gifts under the tree or wish to extend the height of your tree.
  • Complete easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to assemble with colour coded branches
  • A shaping, lighting & decorating Guide included
  • A sturdy metal stand
  • Packaged in a long lasting & durable storage box

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