Everlasting Flowers

Design Inn has been a specialist destination for artificial flower arrangements and displays for the past 30 years. We use our floral expertise to source botanically correct artificial flowers and plants made with superior materials and craftsmanship. Design Inn faux flowers are so realistic that they are often mistaken for fresh - "even bees don't know the diference".

Even the most discerning customers have come to appreciate this maintenance free and economical alternative to fresh flowers, with their ability to add warmth and colour - all year around. (Visit our Shop for Flowers and Plants)

Floral Arrangements

Design Inn offers an exclusive range of pre-made floral arrangements, from more traditional to contemporary designs suitable for any home or corporate environment. Our staff can also create that specifically tailored floral arrangement to suit your individual taste or the requirements of a particular situation. While we have an extensive range of vases, customers are most welcome to bring in their own vase to be used for that special floral arrangement. (Visit our Shop for Flowers and Plants)

Wedding Flowers

For brides that desire the finest quality artificial flowers, we will tailor your bridal bouquets and table arrangements to your requirements.  With artificial flowers there are no problems about your flower choices being out of season. We encourage you to veiw your order prior to finishing it so that you will be guaranteed to get the dream flowers you deserve. Another significant benifit is that you will be able to keep your special memories forever.  Please be sure to make an appointment with our qualified designer florist prior to coming in.

Memorial and Graveside Flowers 

We stock a wide selection of quality pre-made possies which fit into many standard grave cylinders or we can create a special tribute to order from the vast range of floral options we have in store. We will advise you about which of our flowers are able to withstand the harshest external conditions. Many of our clients choose to bring thier own cemetary trough or vase in to us so that we can arrange the flowers for them and secure them in such a way that they will not be blown away by the wind.  (Visit our Shop for Flowers and Plants)

Everlasting Trees and Plants

Our showroom features a wide range of larger trees, plants, garden pots, planters and architectural greening solutions suitable for both interior and exterior use. Entries, courtyards, verandas and sunrooms are common areas where the life-like alternative of potted trees or plants are a sensible maintenance free alternative. We stock a wide selection of plants and topiary bushes in all shapes and sizes suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings. (Visit our Shop for Flowers and Plants)

Commercial Plantings

The team at Design Inn have been working closely with corporate customers for nearly thirty years to create individual designs to suit specific public spaces, shopping centres, showrooms and offices. The durability of artificial trees and plants combined with our professional fixing methods make artificial plantings in public spaces a cost effective, low maintenance alternative. Our commercial services include design and full installation. Contact us today for an on-site no obligation free quotation. (For more information about Commercial Floral Arrangements and Plantings)

Design Inn Tasmania's House of Christmas

Launched each year at the start of September, three large gallery spaces are transformed into a Christmas wonderland of elegant, traditional and contemporary Christmas Trees and Decorations. Tasmania’s best range of carefully selected and colour themed designs from all around the world include many items exclusive to Design Inn. Our Christmas decorations promise to delight the whole family and will be cherished for years to come. (Visit our Christmas Shop)

Christmas Trees and Decorations

Design Inn sells an exclusive range of Christmas Trees from traditional European favourites to the latest designer ranges. Most of our Christmas Trees come with a 10year warranty. Our ranges are chosen for their design merit, craftsmanship and attention to detail, so that you will treasure them for years to come. From contemporary Christmas themes to the traditional, Design Inn has everything you will need to turn your home or workplace into a festive delight. We welcome you to immerse yourself in the joy of Christmas! (Visit our Christmas Shop)

Designer Homeware and Gifts

Design Inn’s range of homeware, sourced from some of Australia’s leading design houses, has been especially selected to complement our other ranges. We stock a wide range of vases, planters, garden ornaments and sculpture, occasional furniture, wall art, lanterns and bird cages to accessorise your everlasting flowers and plants. Our floral inspired collections of candles, room scents and organic cotton table linen and aprons also make the ideal gifts for lovers of nature. (Visit our Shop for Homewares)