Deanne Cooper – Floral and Interior Stylist

The best way to describe Deanne is that she is the classic trend spotter – she launched an Art Deco and Mid-20th Century design gallery in the early 90s, years before it became designer chic – she launched one of the first successful house dressing businesses in the country, before reality TV popularised the concept.

Deanne’s early training as a florist and later interior design, saw her develop her great eye for colour and design, giving her the ability to spot colour and design trends. As a result, Deanne’s numerous property developments have always hit the mark, with many featured in books, interior magazines and property supplements in major daily newspapers.

As owner of Design Inn, Deanne comes the full circle back to retail, where her natural creativity, combined with her floral and design skills, give her the daily inspiration to continue to search for stand out products and find the perfect display solutions for her clients.